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Hot dip galvanizing service (13*2,3*3)

For the purposes of hot dip galvanizing at ESCON JSC, minimal zinc purity of 99,995% is allowed for application.

For the purposes of hot dip galvanizing at ESCON JSC, minimal zinc purity of 99,995% is allowed for application.


For protecting metal structures surface from external impact advanced technologies are used at JSC "Plant ESCON": hot dip galvanization and painting. 

Hot dip galvanization line (by KOERNER, Austria) with the biggest zinc bath in Russia has a capacity of automatic galvanization of 40 000 t per year and ensures perfect quality of zinc coating after first dipping.

  • Internal dimensions of galvanization bath are 13000x2300x3000 mm allow applying protective coating for a wide range of products;
  • Possible coating thickness is from 80 to 250 micron;
  • Design average capacity of the line is 10 t/h;
  • Output capacity is 40 000 tons of galvanized metal structures per year.

High quality aesthetic and durable zinc coating is achieved through using alloys from leading world manufactures in zinc melt.

In order to ensure additional protection of zinc-plated surfaces, ESCON plant applies eco-friendly technology of nano-passivation with liquid concentrate based on complex polymers.

Such technology application allows protecting metal structures surface from environmental impact and white rust formation. When metal structures after nano-passivation are subjected to a corrosion test in a salt-spray chamber as per ISO 9227, they can stand for more than 100 hours.

Paint coating

The plant has developed a unique method of paint application to a galvanized surface. The equipment ensures set process parameters and allows even application of various coatings ensuring their high adhesion.

Environmental compliance

State-of-the-art equipment used for hot dip galvanizing does not cause any damage to the environment. The plant is equipped with a unique Austrian air filtration system that helps to ensure environmental compliance. All international technologies were adjusted to the Russian reality. Content of harmful substances in the air does not exceed the maximum permissible concentration.

The hot dip galvanizing line includes the emissions pollutant clean-up system. Air filtration from fumes of hydrochloric acid occurs in the preliminary preparation capsule by means of a scrubber within a closed circuit. Contaminated air is supplied to the scrubber where it passes through water and is absorbed. After that the rich flushing liquid goes back to the baths of preliminary preparation. Hot dip galvanizing bath has a zinc white fume exhaust channel connected with a filtration unit by an air duct.

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