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Production and Machinery

Production and Machinery

JSC "Plant ESCON" is equipped with the state-of-the art equipment from USA, France, Finland and Austria. Process automation

ensures high output and guaranteed accuracy of production.

The process is arranged according to LEAN production principle. Development of high-quality in-house design and engineering documentation, use of 3D automated design and obligatory fit-up assembly test ensure high precision of order fulfilment in the workshop as well as fast assembly on-site.

The plant comprises: production building including galvanization shop, assembly and welding shop and fabrication shop; administrative and amenities building;

boiler station with power generators and compressors; gas distribution point;
security building with controlled access; diesel substation; railway line.

  • Peddinghaus automated process lines complex for angle bars

Ensures performance of several process operations: cutting and drilling up to 3 holes of various diameters. Is designed for processing rolled stock of various sections. Max dimensions of processed rolled products are from angle No. 4 (40403 mm) to angle No. 20 (20020025 mm).

  • Peddinghaus automated plasma process machines for flat products

Ensures performance of several process operations: cutting and drilling of holes up to 9 various diameters, deep drawing. Max dimensions of processed rolled

stock are 2500x6000 mm. Plasma cutting thickness from 3.2 mm to 75 mm.

  • Peddingmax universal hydraulic presses complex No.1

Hydraulic presses allow punching and cut-off of wide range of semi-products: rolled stock, angle bars, U-profile, flange beams, disc. Working door is 200x510 mm, max thickness of a sheet is 32 mm.

  • Peddinghaus automated line PCD 1100/3 C

A tandem of three spindle drill and band saw machine allows simultaneous 3-axis drilling, cutting and deep drawing. Min dimensions of a semi-product are 50x460x1632 mm. Max dimensions of a semi-product are 630x1100x12500 mm.

  • Sheet bending machine by Colly BOMBLED

Max length of a processed semi-product is 12000 mm. Max thickness of rolled products is 15 mm. Min thickness of rolled products is 0.5 mm. Max bending diameter is up to 1500 mm.

  • Endmilling machines.
Working door is 1400x1600 mm.

  • Machine complex for producing welded flange beams

Analogs GOST 26020-83: from 201 to 455; from 301 to 705; from 501 to 1004; from 301 to 501. Analogs STO ASChM 20-93: from 201 to 405; from 301 to 1004; from 401 to 702.

  1. GZ-4000 gas cutting gantry
  2. HG-1800 gantry for assembly of flange beams
  3. MZG-2x1000 gantry machine for arc welding
  4. JZ-40 gantry for flattering flange beam
  5. UZ-15 automated edge former (with 3-D manipulator)

  • Assembly and Welding operations

When producing welded metal structures at the Plant "ESCON" special attention is paid to the quality of weld joints. Only NAKS certified materials, procedures and equipment are used for welding operations.

Welding semi-automated equipment by KEMPPI.Synergetic welding modes with adjusted control.

Automated complex for preparing welding mixture,allows controlling welding mixture composition.

  • Blasting machine for flat and profile rolled products

The machine is used to remove rust, scale, burn-on, old paint. Permissible dimensions of flat rolled product: width 2500 mm, length up to 12000 mm. Permissible dimensions of profile rolled product: width up to 1200 mm, height up to 500 mm, length up to 12000 mm.

  • Flattening machine for plates 6-25*1600

The machine is used to flatten plates by means of cold rolling method. Permissible plate thickness is 6-25 mm. Permissible plate length is up to 12000 mm.

  • Auxiliary equipment complex.
Accuracy of geometric dimensions is achieved through using universal assembly fixtures and testing benches.