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About the company


JSC "Energy Engineering Structures Plant" was founded in 2012 in the city of Yuzhnouralsk, Chelyabinsk region.

A unique plant specializing at production of large scale metal structures of any complexity for power generating, transport and infrastructure industries. Capacity is 3 000 tons per month. Guaranteed service life of metal structures is 70-80 years.

JSC "Plant ESCON" is equipped with the state-of-the art equipment from USA, France, Finland and Austria. Process automation ensures high output and guaranteed accuracy of production. The process is arranged according to LEAN production principle. Development of high-quality in-house design and engineering documentation, use of 3D automated design and obligatory fit-up assembly test ensure high precision of order fulfilment in the workshop as well as fast assembly on-site.

Quality management systems complying with ISO 9001 requirements are implemented at suppliers' plants that allows high quality rolled stock in production of JSC "Plant ESCON". All rolled metal entering the production undergoes full range of laboratory testing. Direct cooperation with metallurgical plants makes it possible for us to form a reserve stock of rolled metal and fulfil orders on a tight schedule.

The plant is located in the very center of the country, on the border of Europe and Asia, which enables easy supply of products to any point of Russia with minimal haul distance.

A distinct advantage of the plant lies in the possibility to produce and apply protective anti-corrosion coating by means of hot dip galvanizing with a single manufacturing cycle. The Austrian automated hot dip galvanizing line KOERNER allows galvanizing products in amount up to 40kt per year ensuring excellent zinc coat quality. The size of a hot dip galvanizing bath is 13*2.3*3.0 m, which makes it possible to apply protective coating to a wide range of products. Due to the fact that alloys supplied by major global producers are included into molten metal, the company is able to reach fine quality, durability and visual appeal of applied coating. State-of-the-art equipment used for hot dip galvanizing does not cause any damage to the environment. The plant is equipped with a unique Austrian air filtration system that helps to ensure environmental compliance.

In order to ensure additional protection of zinc-plated surfaces, ESCON plant applies eco-friendly technology of nano-passivation with liquid concentrate based on complex polymers. Such technology application allows protecting metal structures surface from environmental impact and white rust formation. When metal structures after nano-passivation are subjected to a corrosion test in a salt-spray chamber as per ISO 9227, they can stand for more than 100 hours.

In 2015 "KONAR" Industrial Group became a strategic partner of JSC "Plant ESCON". Today jointly with "KONAR" Industrial Group the plant is implementing a number of significant projects in various territories of the Russian Federation.

Closed Joint-Stock Company "Energy Engineering Structures Plant" has all necessary certificates and licences for production. The Company has in place the Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001 requirements. QMS compliance with the standard requirements is annually confirmed by an independent accreditation company TUV SUD.

Metal structures as produced by ESCON Plant CJSC are qualified and recommended for application at the facilities of FGC-UES PJSC, Transneft PJSC, Inter-Regional Distribution Grid Company PJSC and other electric power and oil-gas companies.